Monday, May 18, 2009

Needing Community

Well I guess I better use this blog for a purpose instead of dilly dallying around. My purpose is to help express my feelings rather then keeping them bottled inside and then exploding on my husband and taking things out on him. (Wonderful hubby side note: He made me a wonderful cup of coffee when he got home from work to help me with my headache since I've had no caffeine today!) On to those feelings. There is a great void in my life and that void is a feeling of community. I've lived in Nashville for 5 years and maybe have 1 good friend that if I called and wanted her to do something I know she would. However now that we are new mothers and she lives all the way on the other side of town, an hour commute, where do we find the time? In my home town "the other side of town" was a 15 minute drive. We do get together once about every 3 months when our husbands have "Nerdfest." But then again we have babies in tow. We usually go to the mall and shopping isn't that fun with after baby bodies. I mean we see each other at church on Sundays and Wednesdays, but there is not much talking you can do there during worship and a dinner hall full of people and screaming kids. My current community is with a 14 month old. Don't get me wrong I would never trade this community, but there is something about an adult conversation and something about putting your brain to work. I mean how many times a day can one say "no?" How many times a day can I watch the Wiggles and Thomas? I get lots of laughs during the day, because my child is hilarious. I probably laugh at things I shouldn't like when he passes gas and when I say a stern "NO" when he slaps me in the face or pinches or bites, but then he flashes his ever so cute smile and keeps smiling until I laugh. An adult conversation wouldn't hurt at least a couple of times a week. My friend and I need to find new things to do when our hubby's get together. Have any suggestions?

I'm looking for ideas. Share yours with me.
Where do you find your community?
What type of things do you and your community do? With child in tow and without?

Developing a community is very important to me. My best friends live in different parts of Kentucky all within a 3 hour drive, but 2 have babies as well and the other works a lot of weekends. With all that said I am sad yet very happy at the same time because the hubby of my current community of 1 had a job interview today, which if he gets the job (and we are praying that he does), means a move for them. It will be bittersweet, but then again I'm back to square one of developing community.

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