Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Family Recipe: No Recipe, Just Memories

My beautiful friend Vanderbilt Wife loves to cook and she has started the great Family Recipe Fridays. I have had a couple of her meals and they are very yummy! I thought I would join the fun and post a family recipe that brings wonderful family memories. There really isn't a recipe for the following menu because my mom has made it so many times she does not need one. I am talking about her very delicious Turkey and Dressing! This was a staple to our diet. We didn't have to wait for Thanksgiving, we had it at least twice a month. Here is as close to a recipe as I can get. One turkey in the crock pot with broth. For the dressing I know she uses Stovetop stuffing, day old bread, stock from the crock pot, celery, onions and sage. How much of each I have no idea, just as long as it tastes good. With the turkey we have mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn and blueberry muffins. Let me ask you this, do you have blueberry muffins with your Thanksgiving? My in-laws thought this was the most unusual thing and went on and on about have blueberry muffins with turkey. I guess most people just have them for breakfast or a snack, but in my house we would have them as our bread with dinner. I loved making them so I could lick the spoon! Not only did I love eating the turkey at dinner, we would have leftovers for days. I would never get tired of a good turkey sandwich. Have a Family recipe that brings back memories you would like to share? Join the rest of us at Vanderbilt Wife and check out more yummy recipes. SIDE NOTE: No cupcakes for me today. A trip is still in the works!

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