Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've Been Convinced!

I have noticed that cupcakes have been a craze lately and boy do I love cupcakes! I forgot how good they were until I made some for my 4 year old class at church. The cupcakes were devoured, except for one who stated "I don't like my muffin." He had Goldfish instead. I made the Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes with vanilla icing. They were so good. So I've been pondering should I go and try one of the what I hear are fantastic cupcakes from Gigi's? I mean $3.00 for one cupcake when I know I can make a very delicious 24 for the same price. Then someone made the statement which is an absolute truth, "You pay Starbucks big bucks for a glorified milkshake!" Yes, I do. So then I started asking around, getting personal opinions about these cupcakes. Well, it only took two people to tell me how wonderful they are and now I'm trying to figure out when to go. Each day they have a special menu of cupcakes. How in the world will I ever choose just one? Maybe I will just splurge and get everyone that sounds so yummy to me. (And I complain everyday of how I am going to look in my swimsuit in six short weeks!) If I go Friday I would have to decide between: Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip, Miss Princess, Strawberry Short Cake, Tiramisu (which is my all time favorite dessert), Wedding Cake or White Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip. On Saturday's menu I only like a few and they don't sound as appealing as Friday does! OK stop right there, Friday has the best menu out of the next few days, so it has been decided. Gigi I'm coming to see you, uh... well.... today since it is technically Friday! If you are having the same dilemma as to whether or not to just splurge and go buy cupcakes I will soon let you know if it's worth it!

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