Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday...Shopping Spree

A couple of weeks ago I got rid of 80% of my wardrobe. Where were Stacy and Clinton when I needed them! I was holding on to this wardrobe thinking "Oh, I will be able to fit in these again, someday." Who was I kidding! I cried. My husband thought I was crazy, but those clothes were a part of my identity. Boys just don't understand a girl and her clothes. So I've been looking around on the Internet for some clothes. If money grew on trees I would have no problem purchasing every bit of these, but of course that does not happen. Who knows if I will make any purchases at all I am a very frugal girl.

1. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I've been eyeing this shirt for a while found on Etsy (imagine that!). I just love the colors and the paisley and lotus design. But again I am VERY frugal and let's just say I would not want to pay the listed price. If you like what you see visit the KimmChi store for more silkscreen apparel.

2-5. I've been looking at Chadwicks, well because it's more in my price range. That's a lot of purple in that picture. I guess that color is "in." If I order I won't order everything in purple. However I do not think I have any purple in my wardrobe, guess it's time! Have any of you ordered from Chadwicks before? I'm hesitant to order online and am worried about fit - do their products run to size? Please let me know as I have a hard time fitting "the girls." Oh and here is a code for 40% Off any one item: CH22627

6-7. Oh how I love L.L. Bean, but wait to put items from there on my Christmas list. I am a fan of all things "hoodies" and I just love this cashmere striped sweater. I'm ready to wrap up in it, but I'm thinking I will have to wait. Hopefully it will go on sell around Christmas time, don't want to put anyone out $100 just for a sweater! What's so great about cashmere anyway? I know it's soft, do you know why it's a big deal?

8-9. Old Navy I like you a lot, but you need to rethink your sizing. I really have a hard time shopping there, again because of "the girls." If I need a Large that means my chest does not measure a 34B!! I know some people like to show off their assets, but I am not that person. This blue and white strip shirt would be perfect for a Kentucky football or basketball game. And just the site of this pink sweater makes me want to sit by campfire with my smores.

10. My BFF is getting married soon so I better budget for this dress. I love it! It's so beautiful and again here is something purple. It's her favorite color. I'm so glad she is going for something that has a halter rather that something with no straps. Again it's my issue with "the girls." (As you can tell all my shopping revolves around fitting a certain area!)

I hope you have enjoyed shopping with me. For other fun Top 10 lists visit Oh Amanda. Some fun posts today include pictures from Disneyland, 10 easy recipes, Restaurant reviews and several others.


Blondie said...

I am so the jeans and t-shirt girl, too! I am frugal about them, too ($20 is about my max for jeans).

Sizes are frustrating. I am a size 16 but there are some shirts where I have to buy a 2X just to be decent! It makes me wonder what women do that are truly in need of that size.

As for your CPK question, it is one of my all-time favorites! We just don't make it there very often because both locations are 15-25 miles away from my house.

VanderbiltWife said...

As I understand, plum IS very big this season. It's one of my favorite color to wear. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy ANYTHING right now, so I'll have to wait for some Christmas cash!

Of course I also have the problem with the girls...I've pretty much given up on Old Navy.

I think the 4th Chadwicks sweater would look awesome on you! And I love #2 (upper right) as well. So cute!

vanessa said...

Cute stuff! I'm envious of your closet purge--I really should get rid of 80% of my stuff too...think I'll just wait till Stacy and Clinton show up on my doorstep. :)