Monday, September 21, 2009

Prayers for a Dear Friend

Please join me in praying for a very dear friend today who has had her second miscarriage. Please pray for comfort, peace and understanding. I do not know what it is like to experience this or what to say. I just know God has the answers and the best thing I can do is pray for her.

Dear God,
Please hold my unborn child in your ever-loving embrace. Please let my child know that my love can't be erased. Please bless me on this earth and help to ease the pain. Please plant a seed within my baby's heart of sunshine, not of rain. Please help the days get easier and the nights go quickly by. Please hold my hand when I can't do anything- but cry. Please increase my faith so I believe my baby is with You. Please forgive me when my sadness makes me come completely unglued. Please let my baby know that there will always be a place-within my heart, just for my baby, full of Divine Grace. And, when You call me Home to Your Kingdom up above-Please let me hold the baby-I never held...but, always loved. Amen. ~Ellen DuBois

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