Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday... In My Makeup Bag

It's a Top Ten Tuesday. I love these because it gives me a blog topic starter. Remember in Third grade how you had to write in your journals and your teacher would give you a topic starter? Something like "My favorite color is (blank) and here are some things that are my favorite color..." So today my Top 10 are things I always have in my makeup bag. Well, I'm not much of a makeup person, so it's things in my toiletry bag or carry on or whatever you would like to call it. I also got my inspiration from my new blog friend over at Makeup Design Work, she does amazing things with makeup. Go give her a visit!

1. My extra contacts! We would be in A LOT of trouble if I didn't have any extra on hand. By no means am I blind as a bat. Things are so blurry if I don't wear them. I can't sit 10 feet away from my TV without squinting if I don't have them in.

2. There is nothing like that fresh cool feeling when I rub on my Noxzema. I've always had complexion issues and now since I have aged Noxzema does the trick for me. My grandma has always used it and so has my mom and their skin is still as beautiful as ever. Growing up I would always get sunburned shoulders my mom would spend a while just rubbing this on my shoulders. It was so cool and it would draw the heat out. It did so much better than Aloe.

3. My Goody's hair elastics. I've got long hair and a 1 year old. Those two things don't go well together, especially when we are playing. I've always worn my hair pulled back, so when I wear it down my husband says there is something different about me. It still takes him a little time to figure out what it is.

4. When it is time to get all of that face "sluff" off I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub Renew and Refirm face scrub. I use it 2-3 times a week. It just depends on if I have worn sunscreen or have perspired. I love the smell and the tiny apricot grains that give your face a good scrub and you can feel it being cleaned.

5. Nail polish. I don't know why it's there. I haven't painted my nails or toes in the longest time. Maybe it's there for a run in my hose (which I don't wear!). Maybe I think "Oh, I will have time to paint my toes, I can't go out in public with them looking this way!" Yeah, still no paint on my toes and it's even summer.

6. Finally! I have found a sunscreen for my face that does not cause me to break out or burn my eyes or the sensitive skin around my eyes when reapplying. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Healthy Defense. I'm excited because I got a so called "free" small tube of Neutrogena 70 SPF Healthy Defense with "helioplex" (don't feel like looking that one up, but guessing it's a good thing!) This will be great for my ghostly color for vacation next week!

7. Bobby pins. If and that is a big "if" I wear my hair down I always have to wear some of it pulled back. I can't stand any of it hanging in my face. The bobby pins do the quick fix.

8. To me nothing feels better on my dry skin or sunburned cheeks that Avon's Nurtura lotion. Something again I've grown up using because my mom used it. It's so rich and creamy. Because of complexion issues I do not like to feel anything greasy on my face. This lotion is just smooth and is immediately soaked up by my skin and leaves it so soft. I once recommended this to a friend and now she is hooked.

9. Q-Tips. I know, I know I'm not suppose to clean my ears out by shoving a Q-Tip in it. My audiologist friend told me how bad it was to do so. My reply in return "Well, it's better than a bobby pin isn't it?" Oops! I still use a bobby pin at certain times. After I shower my ears do not feel completely clean until they are swiped with a Q-Tip.

10. Toothpaste is a given, but hubby is particular about his toothpaste. Any toothpaste is fine with me as long as it leaves my mouth cool and clean. Hubby likes the Colgate Maxfresh with breath strips in the cool mint flavor. A plus is that it has made my teeth whiter and it does leave my mouth feeling clean.

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oh amanda said...

Contacts! Contacts! Anytime I am packing up from a trip to come home I say, "Do I have my contacts and my wedding rings? OK, then we can go!"

Great post idea! Thanks for linking up!

Blondie said...

I am completely with your hubs on #10. That's the only toothpaste I use. Period.

I'll have to try #6.

Cool list!

Stefany said...

Great list!

I remember using Noxzema years ago. I could remember that cool feeling after reading this post. I think I will buy some. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on #9 ... immediately after the shower, it's Q-Tip time for my ears. I just don't feel clean otherwise!!!